Here you are and that means you have decided to explore the Montessori Method of parenting your child. By exploring this method, you will realize that Montessori Method is not merely limited to educating your child, but it actually involves commitment towards educating the whole person and the entire family for it isn’t just an ideology; once followed and practiced, it becomes a way of life.

As Montessorians, having realized the potential this method has shown towards the development of the child, we are now looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experiences with you.

So now, do you want to know the secret behind happy, confident children? Would you like to recognize your child’s true nature and potential and help him accordingly?

Our primary aim is to reach out to every parent and familiarize them with a perspective of the CHILD, which is lesser known and rarely understood. Since the core of a child is built in his or her early stages of development, our understanding of the child’s needs at every stage will help us better in contributing towards the growth of the child. This is exactly what our Parenting program intends to empower you with- insightful, intriguing and interesting information about the mystic world of the child!!

With your best interests in mind, we at IMC have invested considerable time and effort in bringing to you these simple, practical and useful modules, which are fortified with inputs on many aspects of child development - physical, mental, emotional and psychological.

For a brief introductory period, we are offering this program FREE of cost to all parents who are members of IMC. If you are not a member, you can become one right now and then take up the program. This is a course which will include the course material, periodic assessments and scheduled classes for personal interactions.

In return, there is just one thing we expect from you and that is the assurance of your support to the child, by way of practicing what you learn here, to help him achieve his own potential, which is the vision of IMC.

Welcome to the program and we wish you an exciting and an equally fulfilling experience…

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