How can I get your support if this is online? My queries or problems can be very unique and might need attention. How will I be able to access your help in that case?

Although this course is online, we have devised some ways where in you can derive help from us. We have a discussion forum where in you can post your query and our experts will answer from time to time. We also have some scheduled contact classes the particulars of which will be intimated to you well in time for you to organize yourself to attend and access our help. We have also provided our email id for you to communicate with us directly.

My child is 8 years old. How will I benefit from reading the modules regarding a new born child?

It is easier to understand a child of today if you come to know what his yester years were like. To know all about a child from his new born days to now, our program content provides you with all the information necessary. When you are armed with better understanding about his formative years, you will be able to make out why he is like what he is today. Hence it is important that you take the course and read it right from the beginning.

Are there contact programs for this course? If so, how will I come to know?

There will be contact programs scheduled from time to time. We will announce the day and time of such classes well in advance thus helping you to plan and derive complete advantage of such interactions.

How many times can I take this course using the password that has been given to me?

You can take the course only once using the password that has been given to you. Once the period of six months lapses, the password will not work for you.

What happens if I cannot finish the course in the given four  months’ time?

In fact four months duration is more than enough. In case of any delay a maximum of two months given to complete the course. Beyond that, SORRY!!

What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course is. four months.

Some years after I finish this course, if there is a need for help with my parenting, what do I do?

You are most welcome to seek help from our discussion forum.

After I finish my course, will I be able to access the course content always for future reference?

No, your login details will expire in six months from the date of its issue.

My child is a teenager. Will taking this course help me?

Your teenager was once a new born, a toddler and a pre-teen. This course gives you a total experience of how he would have developed in all these years. If you do understand the various stages of his development, you will also understand why he is what he is now. This will help you in arriving at how you can help him or communicate with him or bond with him better.