The Absorbent mind

Dr. Montessori referred the mind of a child between 0-6 yrs of age as the Absorbent mind. During this time he/she absorbs everything from his environment through all his senses. For example, his mother -tongue. A new born baby hears various sounds all around, but can distinguish speech from other sounds and tries to articulate it. Yet, adults who already know a language find it difficult to acquire a new one. The child also constructs his/her mind, his/her memory, and ability to think and power to understand. That’s why the early years are very important.

‘Children have never been very good at listening to elders, but they have never failed to emulate them’. For instilling good values, beliefs and morals in your child, the most powerful tool you have is yourself. Setting a good example is one of the single most powerful ways you can teach children positive behavior. For example, respecting people who help us? Your child absorbs your attitude, the words you use, your body language towards these people.