About the course

WELCOME! We are glad you have chosen to explore parenting your child with us!! Read on to understand the way the course progresses.

Course tour: 

The course content is split into four modules, which span over a month each. Each module is further split into lessons pertaining to one year of a child. You can access the subsequent modules only after the assignment of the previous module is submitted.


You are expected to read the lessons in the module thoroughly. In case of extra support material to satisfy your curiosity, you can read the books recommended in the course. After you finish reading the module completely, you can attempt the quiz at the end of each module.


Assignments are available at the end of each module in the form of multiple choice questions, where in you will have to grade the answers given, as “the least likely one” to “the most likely option” from your point of view.  Questions will generally be within the given lessons, framed to test your understanding of the same. Justification for the most appropriate answers will be provided after you submit the assignment.

Assignment deadlines:

One month for each module with a minimum of 22 days.

Discussion forums:

You are welcome to post your queries here which will be answered from time to time by our experts, thus guiding you through your parenting endeavor.

Contact classes:

Contact classes will be scheduled to help the parents interact with our experts. The schedules will be intimated from time to time which will be posted in the “Announcements” tab in the home page.

 Course glossary: 

The glossary at the end of the course content will help you in understanding the technical terms used in the course. It will also help in familiarizing the terms used with regards to a child’s development in the Montessori Method.

If you have questions:

Click on the FAQs tab which will house the questions you might have about the course.